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About Us

Company Background

Infinite Mountain Adventure (IMA) specializes in custom designed climbing, biking and mountaineering adventure travel in Nepal and Tibet focused on busy professional. Established in 2010 the company operates as a network of business units managed by locally based Sherpa and Tibetan Adventure Managers with business support and training provided by Australian climbers and adventure operators.

We design, plan and organize logistics of our Himalayan adventures directly and employ our staff guides for our trekking adventures, peak climbing adventures, mountaineering expeditions and mountain biking adventures.

We interface directly to the public without any intermediate travel agency, allowing our customers a direct interface with us resulting in good value and quality adventure holiday, accurate information and addressing immediate customer needs. IMA sales and information, program development promotion and marketing office is located in Brisbane, Australia, close clients for easy interface not only via e-mail but also by the phone and in person.

We operate in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Jomsom with our logistics management team and our staff of climbing guides, trekking guides and biking guides. With our 5 seasonal base camps operating at Everest, Cho Oyu, Shishapangma, Manaslu and Kanchenjunga by our Kathmandu based Sherpa outfitter. We made a serious investment in expedition grade camping and climbing equipment stored in Kathmandu and Lukla.

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Service Quality

Infinite Mountain Adventure (IMA) believes in high quality Himalayan Bike Riding, Peak Climbing and Mountaineering Adventures without compromise or substitute, a memorable life changing experience and all at a reasonable price matching customer requirements and budgets without compromising the safety, cutting corners or underpaying our staff.

IMA believes in delivering authentic but challenging experience to our customers; in appropriately comfortable conditions without any stress even at the physically top rated adventures.

Customer Satisfaction

IMA believes that the best customer compliment is a recommendation of our services to their friends and colleagues and we will do everything reasonable to have absolutely satisfied clients.

Safety and Authenticity

IMA delivers genuinely safe and checked itineraries matching descriptions in our offers and safe services backed-up by our high altitude mountaineering experience.

Customer Support

IMA believes in genuine support for our clients with complete and accurate information and pre-departure advise; helping our customers with all preparation to extreme nature of Himalayan high altitude environment.

Himalayan Biking Adventures

Infinite Mountain Adventure (IMA) had designed 3 Himalayan Mountain Biking Rides, short Muktinath Bike and a quick 10 days getaway, 18 days Trek and Bike in Annapurna and 21 Days Upper Mustang Biking epic into remote part of Tibet to the ancient kingdom of Lo. The adventure is operated by a team of young Tibetans with intimate connection to the land.

Peak Climbing Adventures

IMA plans and delivers logistics and trains staff for peak climbing expeditions; we provide route descriptions, mapping information and climbing information; during climbing we support our guides with information logistics, weather information and climbers safety.

Mountaineering Adventures

In close collaboration with our outfitter, Dream Himalaya, Infinite Mountain Adventure provides basecamp and full board support service to 7000m and 8000m major peaks in Nepal and Tibet. We provide as a standard support basecamp services and full board services on seasonal basis on standard climbing routes on Everest South side to Everest and Lhotse, Chu Oyu, Shishapangma, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga and Amadablam.

Executive Adventures

IMA provides specialised services to executives and busy professional tailored to requirements and fitness. We offer programs helping in preparation for body and mind adventure including alpine climbing, boot-camp trekking and adventure mountain bike riding.

Your vacation is very important part of life, the time to recuperate your body and mind from stress of work and everyday activities, to relax in inspirational, educational, spiritual or physical sense. We are here to help you to make your holiday unforgettable, stress free, relaxing and exciting. This is why we offer high quality adventure, authentic experience and dedicated young energetic staff to achieve that and make your holiday safe and remarkable.

High Quality Adventure

Infinite Mountain Adventure (IMA) delivers high quality adventure, a memorable life changing experience and all at a reasonable price matching customer requirements and budgets without compromising the safety, cutting corners or underpaying our staff.

Body and Creativity Renewal

IMA adventures are designed by exercise physiologist specializing in high altitude athletic training. The schedule is designed to utilize high altitude, physical and visual experience to improve long-term fitness and brain plasticity for the benefit of rejuvenation of creativity

Safe High Altitude Experience

With expertise in high altitude mountaineering, Infinite Mountain Adventure delivers on safety and quality without compromise in a challenging high altitude environment, where Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) can lead to death.

High Rate of Summit Success

With innovative approach to high altitude climbing and qualified, experienced and trained climbing Sherpa guides, IMA delivers high success rate for our peak climbing and mountaineering clients.

Adventure Safety

IMA has invested in high quality camping and climbing equipment, which delivers safety and comfort to our clients, a necessary ingredient to summit success. On our climbing and mountaineering adventures we use UHF/VHF radio communication equipment as a standard to improve climber's communications and safety. We have developed a very efficient and effective mountain rescue procedures ensuring ultimate safety for clients in high altitude distress and our adventures have been designed by high altitude exercise physiologist. We train our staff in recognition and mitigation of Acute Mountain Sickness symptoms.

Dedicated Staff

IMA uses only a qualified, experienced and dedicated staff to deliver our services; training guiding staff, paying full wage to our stuff, ensuring appropriate recovery time and insuring our staff we ensure highest level of services by satisfied staff with consistent and predictable outcomes. By caring for the wellbeing of our staff we attract the best people.

Executive Service

IMA delivers unique adventure programs for executives and busy professionals helping your to recover from busy schedule and deliver energy and creative concepts for next hard work in your business. In Australia we offer preparation program for our executive adventures.

Sustainability, Integrity, Environment and Social Responsibility

Local people, our employees and the environment are at the upmost forefront of our operations. In all our operations we are utilizing local people for the provision of services to provide fair economic opportunities in the regions we visit. We pay fair prices for the services and consider all local people as part of our national family. We are passing through their villages few times a year and proud ourselves on good relationships with all locals. We promote friendship interaction of our customers with local hosts to enrich experience from your visit. Our philosophy is to promote environmental and social responsibility and to bring good and memorable experience for you our customer, your local hosts and our employees.