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Peak Climbing in Nepal and Tibet

Peak Climbing Concept

Nepal containing the bulk of Himalayas (8 out of 14) 8000m mountains is a unique climbing destination in the world. Although most climbers focus Everest and other 8000m peaks, climbing 7000m and sub 7000m peaks is by far more exciting adventure.

Peak Climbing refers to sub 7000m mountains while mountaineering refers to climbing above 7000m. The difference is in the execution of the summit and the duration of actual climb. Both climbs require acclimatization but climbing 7000m+ peak requires multi-day climb with intermediate camps, while sub-7000m peak can usually be executed in alpine style often in a single day.

IMA high altitude preparation and assessment programs will ensure a safe climb and increased chance to reach the summit. Advances in exercise physiology allow shorter, more challenging IMA signature climbs for wider range of people.

Is this for me?

  • Personal challenge/off season cross training opportunities for athletes.
  • Motivation adventure to enhance Quality Life.
  • Challenging but safe adventure with IMA high altitude preparation and assessment programs.
  • Specialized workforce Innovative training, team building and corporate challenge.
  • Impressive challenge for charity causes encouraging participation, offering challenge and fun.
  • Alternative Fun to trekking for any fit adventurer.
IMA Lobuche climb-Cholatse from Gokyo
from U$3950

Lobuche Peak Climbing

Lobuche Peak is an easily accessible guided semi-technical climb for beginner climbers | trekkers with exceptional aesthetics and stunning summit panorama of Everest.

20 days
from $4100

Chulu East Peak Climbing

Chulu East (6429m) Peak, with its stunning alpine setting, technical aspects, spectacular 800m route and short access is a second to none climbing objective in Nepal for a novice climber in guiding arrangement. IMA offers Chulu East traverse option of climbing four 6000m in succession.

18 Days
IMA Boktoh Peak Climb-Yak fight Kanbachen
from $3475

Boktoh Peak Climbing

Boktoh 6143m Peak is an impressive and intimidating peak located in a remote Kanchenjunga area. Bokta (Boktoh) Peak is an exceptional value Himalayan climb for a reasonably experienced climbers due to its aesthetics technical aspects and stunning summit panorama.

25 days
IMA Naya Kanga Climbing-Downclimbing Tsergo Ri
from U$2260

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing

Naya Kanga 5844m | Yala Peak combo introductory Himalayan climb in Langtang, spectacular climbing objective for fit trekker, extending trekking skills to climbing. A stunning guided climb in a safe environment will give you significant metabolic boost to fitness and wellness.

16 days