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Employer Branding

Enhance Employer Branding with productivity and creativity | attract the best Talent


“Employee referrals are the single most important thing we do in recruiting. It is the number one source of good, quality hires…”   Steve Klingensmith, HR Manager @Bookings.com

Stay in the league with 59% of Global Talent Leaders

Do you know how many people in your office enjoy coming to work and spending 8 hours in the office?….

Statistically only 20%. Imagine if that changed to 80%. Scientific experiments and studies demonstrate that this is easily achievable.

The purpose of QLS program is to help office based employees switch to a mobility working environment. This in turn will lead not only to better health and quality lifestyle for individuals, but more importantly it brings measurable productivity improvements for the business.

This innovative cost-effective Program was designed by an exercise physiologist specializing in high altitude training. To help HR Managers curating Employer Branding, this will retain and attract the best Talent to the Company.

The prospect of improving life expectancy and Quality Lifestyle, while at work in your business will not only help to attract but also to retain the best talent.

QLS Program helps people to become:



more ENERGETIC and

ENJOYING LIFE and WORK environment

In turn fewer sick days and more creative energy.

This program is simple and cost-efficient to implement. It is accessible to a majority of employees and doesn’t involve any strenuous exercises.


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The QLS Program includes:

  • An Introductory Workshop
  • Setting Individual QLS Goals for employees
  • 3 Months Coaching, Monitoring and Feedback for each participant
  • Transition of entire Business Environment to Mobility
  • Support after completion of the QLS Program
  • Participation (optional) in an exciting adventure
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  • Outcomes

The Quality Lifestyle (QLS) is a universal value:

It's a way of active working and living and being comfortable

Improving productivity, creativity and fitness

The ultimate prize - productive longevity of the workforce

Benefits of QLS Program:

Improved Motivation, Productivity and Creativity

Work and life enjoyment, a personal happiness

Setting and achieving personal goals

Having a fulfilling professional life

Simplifying your lifestyle

Reclaim many years of Life Expectancy

"Everybody wants to be healthy, fit and full of energy. The physical Well-being is the answer to your mental Well-being, your confidence and professional performance"

By sponsoring the Program the business will:

Enhance Employer Branding with the Talent satisfaction, productivity and creativity

Create the Culture, which allows people to reclaim 3.6 years(*) of life expectancy, the most powerful element of Employer Brand wanting to attract the best Talent

Create strong Talent with an increased mental awareness and creativity and with a measurable increase in office work productivity and innovation

Stay in the league of 59% of Global Talent Leaders

(*)The QLS Program is based on Mayo Clinic research pointing to preventative benefits of mobility and potential reversals of the type 2 diabetes with appropriate mobility and nutrition protocols (part of QLS Program).

Quality Lifestyle Program