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From Zero to Hero | Fitness for Himalayan adventure

How can the Office Mobility revolutionize preparation for Himalayan adventure?

"IMA (Infinite Mountain Adventure) high altitude adventure is about a sustainable Health, Fitness, Quality Lifestyle and life enriching experience. IMA high altitude preparation program is specifically tailored for professional working in a static office environment."

Every hour of motionless sitting in a chair lowers the life expectancy by 22 minutes. It robes the body sensors of a valuable environmental feedback, deteriorates physical skills and limits the brain capacity.

An average office employee in western countries spends 8 hours sitting at work, 2 hours sitting while commuting and 2 hours sitting while staring at TV set or PC screen at home.


IMA passion is helping to change that and become mobile, balanced, fit and to lower the physiological age.

The IMA High Altitude Adventure Preparation (HAAP) program, coupled with the QLS (Quality Life Style) Programs are a powerful solution to a massive increase in the efficiency, creativity, productivity and work satisfaction. The QLS program is based on a state of the art research in the office mobility. It facilitates a sustainable fitness at metabolically comfortable and sustainable effort.



The IMA HAAP Program helps to transition employees to the mobility working environment and develop a sufficient endurance to undertake an IMA Himalayan adventure in a safe environment.

It focuses on metabolically sustainable and progression training supported by an easy nutrition program.

The program raises mental awareness, improves health, physical and mental energy of participants creating a positive feedback loop naturally amplifying any gain.

The program raises mental awareness, improves health, physical and mental energy of participants creating a positive feedback loop naturally amplifying any gain.

The result is a measurable improvement in endurance, balance and agility. This allows the participant to prepare to high altitude adventure within 3 months of the program.

The program is free of charge to all clients of IMA Himalayan adventures (trekking, biking and climbing).


The IMA HAAP and QLS Office mobility programs are based on a longitudinal research demonstrating strong metabolic gains from returning to the natural human upright movement.

Upright posture stimulates muscles to a continuous and complex movement. The work load spreads more evenly among collaborative muscle groups. This optimizes the use of the ENERGY and increases the PRODUCTIVITY due to the delayed fatigue for individual muscles.

The brain cortex generates a massive and complex nerve stimulation. This improves the employee PRESENTS and MIND AWARENESS promoting the CREATIVITY.


The IMA HAAP Program was developed by the exercise physiologist specialized in high altitude training based on the state of art research. IMA High altitude adventures are non competitive activities and are accessible to any healthy person at basic fitness level.

The IMA HAAP Program is free and it is recommended to all participants of IMA Himalayan adventures. The program ensures safety of the adventure and promotes a sustainable fitness and wellness of our customers.

For IMA QLS Program participants IMA offers a discount equivalent to 50% fee paid by your employer.

For IMA post Adventure Continuation Program supports participant on the health and longevity trajectory.


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The HAAP Program includes:

  • An Introductory Workshop
  • Setting Individual Preparation Goals
  • 3 Months Coaching, Monitoring and Feedback for each participant
  • Walking, balance and agility clinics for adventure team
  • An exciting Himalayan adventure
  • Post adventure sustainable support Program

The IMA HAAP and QLS Programs were designed by an exercise physiologist specialized in the high altitude training.

The office work like the high altitude adventure is a non-competitive activity. It requires the ability to sustain 8-10 hours of mobility. The fitness components for both activities are endurance, balance and agility.

The QLS program is an adoption of the training techniques for our trekking, climbing and biking clients. Our clients, work predominantly in an office environment. The training takes our clients from, often, a low level of fitness to the level qualifying for a safe high altitude adventure.

The HAAP training followed by the High Altitude Adventure and Post Adventure Continuation program helps our clients to getting out of comfort zone and achieving a sustainable fitness and high level of Quality Life Style.

The HAAP program inspires motivation and encourages setting personal micro, mini and long-term goals.

The aim of the program is to take the participant to the zone of fulfilling personal and professional life and to contemplate on simplifying the lifestyle through powerful and positive visual, physical and cultural experience.

IMA High altitude Himalayan adventure promotes increased level of endurance.

"Everybody wants to be healthy, fit and full of energy. The physical wellness is the answer to the mental wellness, confidence and professional performance"

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